Finding Tenants

Monrovia bungalows
If you’re looking for tenants or if you?d like to get a new caliber of tenant into your property then the following tips may help you find tenants for your rental property.


No one will know that you have property available if you don’t advertise. Today there are many different ways of advertising, internet, television, money savers, newspaper and don’t forget the old standby ?a sign in the yard. Word of mouth is also an effective tool so get the word out that you?re looking.

Price Right

You’re not going to get tenants if you price yourself out of the market and you’re not going to get good tenants if you offer too much of a bargain. Learn what the going rent rates are for similar properties in your area and align your rent with the average.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal for a rental is almost as important as it is for someone trying to sell a single family home. Many potential renters do a drive by before they make an appointment to see the property, so make sure your property looks appealing from the street.

Check References and Backgrounds

If you’re trying to up the caliber of your tenants then you’re going to have to pick the cream of the crop, so to speak. Follow through with all reference checks and background searches on prospective tenants. Make sure to select tenants with spotless credit reports, no criminal background, good work history, and glowing recommendations.

Creative Commons License photo credit:?Living in Monrovia