I Think It's Looking at Me....
Preparing and staging a home for sale is an important part of the whole process and shouldn?t be skipped if you?re looking to make a quick sale and get the most money for your property. Use the following tips to make sure your home is ready to go on the market.


This can?t be stressed strongly enough. If you?re not into cleaning your own house before the sale then hire a professional, in fact it might be worth the money to hire one anyway as they will notice areas you routinely overlook. But no matter who does it, a top to bottom thorough cleaning is a necessity.

Remove your Personality

Most people can?t imagine themselves in someone else?s home, the key is to make your home look like their new home, not your old one. Take your personal items and photographs down, remove your collections, and let go of the home emotionally. As a side note, be sure to remove anything of value before your home is open to the public for other reasons.?

Strip the Room

Take as much as you can out of each room. This means take out all unnecessary furniture pieces and accessories. Less furniture will make the room look larger and more appealing to prospective buyers. Really skilled stagers will be able to bring in just the right amount of accessories to make the home look like an interior decorating magazine, attractive but depersonalized.

Creative Commons License photo credit:?army.arch