Your Position as a Real Estate Buyer

When buying real estate you may feel that the seller has the upper hand. After all, they have what you want and you can only do so much to get it. But remember, as the buyer you are also in good position. This is particularly true in a slow market, such as the one the United States is facing right now.

The main thing to remember is that you are not the one who needs to make a sale. The seller has their property on the market for a reason ? they want to get rid of it. You should use this to your advantage when buying. Do you get the feeling that the seller is desperate? If so, you have even more of an upper hand.

Of course, you need to be honest, respectful, and reasonable. You cannot expect a seller to take whatever offer you make, even if they are in a hurry to close a deal. It is your job to negotiate for the lowest possible price. If you hire a real estate agent you will probably have a better chance of making this happen.

You should never make a deal as a buyer unless you are 100 percent comfortable with the price, as well as the other terms and conditions. It may feel as if the seller is in the driver?s seat, but you have some advantages as well.