Being a landlord can be a very rewarding profession but like every profession it has its stumbling points and some hurdles to overcome. But by using the following five tips you can ease the stresses of being a landlord.

Keep up with Maintenance

Don’t wait for tenant complaints, keep the property in good condition at all times to prevent injuries and future damage.

Lower Crime Risks

Do what you can to make your property less appealing to criminals including stepped up security, no dark hiding places, appropriate night lighting etc.

Prepare for Emergencies

Establish policies for emergencies so employees and tenants are all aware of the steps to take and know what to do and expect.

Screen Tenants

Establish a thorough process for screening tenants and then stick to it for each and every tenant no excuses.

Be Available

Either you or your staff should always be available to tenants concerns, complaints or even compliments. Let tenants know that they matter and create a feeling of mutual respect.

The tips listed above are not the only ways to succeed as a landlord or property manager, but by following these suggestions you’ll find the entire process is a little easier for everyone involved.