Is the Landlord Liable

Even if a landlord has insurance it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re responsible for all injuries or accidents that occur on their property. Insurance also doesn’t mean that a landlord or property manager doesn’t have certain obligations to their tenants. In situations of actual injury or damage the landlord is liable in the following situations.

If a repair wasn’t attended to in a timely fashion and an injury occurred then the landlord will be liable for injuries and damage.

If the repair was attended to on the property but it was done in an improper way so that injuries could still occur or the repair would only be temporary.

If a serious injury was foreseeable if a repair wasn’t made. Not all repairs can lead to injuries but some are obvious hazards and should be taken care of as soon as possible. This also includes environmental hazards that could affect the health of tenants.

When a landlord or property manager is found liable for injuries and damage that occur on their property the insurance typically handles the claim but there are situations where the insurance may balk. Make sure you know your insurance plan inside and out and are aware what your responsibilities are.