5 Tips to be a Better Landlord

Become a better landlord by using the following 5 tips for landlords to ward off problems before they even occur.

Screen Tenants

It’s important to screen every applicant before you choose them to be your tenant. Screen for criminal pasts, credit records, references, and job history. Learn as much as possible about their ability and propensity to pay their bills on time regularly. It’s also important that everyone be screened in the same way no matter what.

Warranty of Habitability

Each rental property comes with an implied warranty of habitability, it’s your job as the landlord to make sure that your property is livable throughout the residents’ stay. Learn state and local laws related to building codes, health and safety issues and maintain your property’s habitability.

Lower Crime Risk

Take steps to deter criminals from targeting your property by installing lighting, trimming hedges, installing smart key locks and any other steps that may be required or recommended by your local ordinances.

Be Accessible

Whether it’s the landlord themselves or an appointed property manager, make sure that you are accessible for tenants when they have issues and that you respond in a prompt manner. Whether they have a simple noise complaint or a safety concern, everything should be dealt with as promptly as possible.

Establish Protocol

Set a procedure for everything whether it’s just you running the business or a staff. It’s important that everything is handled the same way every time or you could be setting yourself up for discrimination suits.