When Homes For Sale Look Terrible …

This weekend I drove past a house around the corner that was open for inspection. It’s been for sale for quite a few weeks, and as I drive past it every day, I’ve been wondering what it’s like. With friends who are keen to buy in the area, I thought I’d have a look, thinking it would probably be in their price range.

And it was – but that’s where the good news ended. I was really surprised that the estate agent, who has a good reputation in the area, hadn’t been able to persuade the owners (or perhaps there are tenants) to spruce up the house a bit more before opening it for inspection by prospective buyers. There were untidy rooms, and a lot of minor maintenance work like painting, fixing chips in the wall, gardening and various repairs that very obviously needed doing. The agent had lit aromatic candles in every single room, to the point where the mood was no longer romantic, but desperate – I could only guess that the house smelled so bad he needed to do that to cover it up.

While I looked around out of curiosity, several prospective buyers came in the front door. I noticed that none of them actually went all the way through the house and out to the yard – they obviously had seen enough and figured it wasn’t for them. With a bit of imagination, you could see that the house probably had some potential, but it brought home to me how important it is to prepare your home well for sale.