Moving is an incredibly stressful evening in your life but the stress can be minimized by using the following moving tips.

Color Code

Give each room in the house (or each person) a color and have them label their boxes in that color. Then create a code so movers can easily put boxes in the appropriate room.

Number System

Prioritize your boxes and number the ones that contain everyday items with a one. This way you won’t be searching through everything to find the things you need.

Valuables at Hand

Don’t trust your most treasured valuables with strangers. Keep a few boxes of important papers, valuable heirlooms and other items you’d be devastated if you lost with you at all times.

Be Willing to Say Good bye

As you’re packing be honest with yourself, if you don’t use it then get rid of it. Why move stuff you don’t want or need? Create a pile of items you’ll take to a local charity or sell at a garage sale.

Address Labels

Order address labels with your new address and slap them on everything. Remember to inform anyone who bills you of the address change. Stick the address labels on your moving boxes too just so nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

And most importantly, allow yourself some time to unpack and put things away. Don’t create additional stress by having irrational timelines.

Creative Commons License photo credit:?roland