Questions you will be asked as a Landlord

Once you become a landlord you will be answering a lot of questions, day after day. Most of them will come from tenants or those who want to rent from you. Here are a few that you will definitely run into at some point in time:

1. Can I pay you later? As a landlord you need to let tenants know when their rent is due, and then stick to this schedule. The last thing you want to do is let your tenants walk all over you. If they pay late this month they will get in the habit of doing so in the future.

2. Can you fix this? One of your main responsibilities as a landlord is to make repairs to your property. Some tenants will only contact you if something major is in need of repair. Others may call to tell you that they need a new light bulb ? you should be ready for anything that is thrown your way.

3. What is your policy on?? There are many questions that start out this way. What is your policy on pets? What is your policy on smoking? What is your policy on upgrades? These are all questions you should be ready for.