Creating the Best Website for your Property

Back of the house, from the field
Having a website today is almost a requirement, but having the wrong website can actually hurt your business. Create a website that attracts renters and presents your property in the most positive light by using the following guidelines.


Take photos of the property that show it in the best light possible. If you’re having a hard time getting photos that look good, hire a professional photographer. It will be worth the expense.


Be informative and descriptive in your text but only describe the property, not your ideal tenant. Your job is to sell the property, not weed out tenants on the website.

Online Convenience

Add some modern conveniences to your website such as online applications, links to neighborhood businesses, schools, bus lines and anything else a tenant may want, online bill payment options, and direct contact to you and/or your maintenance crew.

Current and New

Don’t just think about potential residents, but consider your current tenants as well. Divide the site into areas of convenience and information for both.

Be Diligent

Stay on top of your website and respond to all inquiries in a timely fashion. You don’t want to put off potential tenants and you can’t afford to ignore established ones. You should also post new text and/or photos whenever applicable. Don’t list info on specific units as you’ll create too much work trying to keep up with them, but do provide information on major renovations or upgrades.

Creative Commons License photo credit:?tomeppy