Typical Complaints Againsts Home Owners’ Associations

Home owners’ associations should be there to make sure a complex of homes is run smoothly, efficiently and to the satisfaction of all the owners, but unfortunately that is not always the case. It can be good to be aware of the typical problems and subsequent complaints that can arise from owners, and be on the look out for similar problems in your association.

Obviously, any mismanagement of money is a major problem for the members of a home owners’ association. This could fall into several categories, including money that is poorly spent (for example, completing some major work without getting multiple quotes to ensure value for money) or worse, illegal uses of the money. At the same time, it can be just as bad if your home owners’ association charges fees which are too low, and the reserve fund is then unable to cover necessary maintenance such as painting or emergency replacement of broken items.

Other complaints against home owners’ associations can include unfair elections for the leading roles, incorrect or illegal use of home owners’ records, or fining home owners excessively or unnecessarily for apparent violations of the rules. If you have a complaint against your association, be sure to follow it up with the relevant offices.