Tips for Good Property Management

It’s time to turn over a new leaf with your property management skills and get things in order and running smoothly.

Screen Everyone

Make it a policy to screen every single person who wishes to be a tenant of your property. Use the same thorough procedures for each one and you’ll get great tenants and avoid future lawsuits.

Security Deposit Policy

Establish a fair security deposit policy that fits within all local guidelines and is timely and then stick to that policy fastidiously.

Written Record

Get in the habit of writing everything down and keeping written records. When dealing with others, try to get them to sign all documents as well.

Make Maintenance a Priority

Stay ahead of repairs and maintenance and respond promptly to any tenant notifications. Handling these issues promptly will keep tenants happy and may prevent costly replacements or major repairs.

Be Available

Be promptly available to tenants and employees whenever they have an issue to bring up. Let people know you care about them and your property and you’ll receive equal respect.

Security Priority

Make security a priority and do the big and little things that make tenants feel safer, deter criminals and makes your property more desirable to the public.