Selling Your House As Fast As Possible

Halo living room
When selling your property quickly is the most important consideration – but you don’t want to drop the price too low – then these tips will help you achieve the fastest sale possible.

  • Clean it beautifully, declutter your rooms and make everything sparkle – a less than perfect house sells faster if it looks clean and neat. If necessary, pack away some of your belongings and store them until you move.
  • Repair those niggling faults that you’ve been putting off for years – a dripping tap will make a prospective buyer wonder what else is wrong with the plumbing, even though everything else might actually be in order.
  • Don’t spend a lot of money, but be prepared to put time and energy into improving the appearance of the house – this might involving painting walls or fences, doing some serious gardening work or washing windows and window frames.
  • Importantly, do enough research to be sure you are asking the right price for your house – ideally, that means just on market value and be open to offers slightly below market value. If you need to sell your house quickly, you need to immediately attract buyers in the right price range so there’s no point overpricing it and expecting people to make much lower offers – these people might dismiss your house without looking at it.