A Look At the Housing Market in Dallas

The recession has hit many people hard. Many markets are down but the Dallas housing market is showing an increase for 2010. The average time a house is on the market for in Dallas is around 47 days, which is an improvement. Housing prices in the Dallas area have also increased this year and are showing that the housing market in Dallas should have a strong future.

Many hope that the improving numbers will once again allow Dallas to be the number one housing market in the country. Dallas doesn’t seem to be hit by the high foreclosure rate that some markets have been faced to deal with. With more people able to keep their homes it has kept the prices from falling too drastically like they have in less fortunate cities. Though it seems that no place in America escaped the burst of the housing bubble it does seem like Dallas is back on track.

Dallas has seen a big population boom in the last few years and that trend seems to be continuing. The area has seen a population increase of around 146,000 in between 2008 and 2009. Many people relocating there are looking to buy homes and settle in nice neighborhoods. It seems that this is helping the Dallas housing market and its ability to thrive while other our suffering. People looking to buy should do so soon as the prices of homes will no doubt continue to creep back up. There are deals to be had in the current housing market but looking to the way people are moving to the area don’t expect these deals to last forever. Dallas seems to be headed in the right direction in these tough economic times.