10 Things to Remember When Looking at a New Home

In the excitement of viewing and preparing to purchase a home, sometimes people tend to be overly optimistic about what they can live with. Here are some important things to remember while you search for the perfect house:

1. School district is important. Even if you will not be using the public schools, their quality will be linked to the value of your property. While a great improvement in schools isn’t impossible, it’s not the norm.

2. Higher taxes are not necessarily a bad thing, but they may affect what you can afford to offer.

3. Square footage should be adequate for your daily activities. It is easy to forget how much space will be taken up once your belongings arrive.

4. Good room layout can make up a bit for a lack of square footage. Bad layout can make even enough space feel too small.

5. It is possible to add a room to a house, but almost no way to increase your yard.

6. Try to meet your neighbors before purchasing, so that their garage band or large barking dog isn’t a surprise on moving day.

7. Remember that locations near main roads are convenient but can be loud; more remote neighborhoods offer quiet and privacy but can be difficult to get to.

8. Some things are easily changed: wall colors, fixtures, floor coverings, landscaping.

9. The professional inspection is of utmost importance. Ask around for recommendations, and find someone who is really working for you, so that you know the true condition of the house and areas that could create trouble for you.

10. Don’t settle, thinking you’ll only be living there for a short time. Buy what you really think you need because plans change all the time, and you may stay longer than you’d planned.