Bathroom Makeover Ideas to Update your Home

Bathroom complete
Creative Commons License photo credit: juhansonin

Bathrooms are one of the most widely used rooms in a home. They also, unfortunately, are one of the last to ever get a makeover. Creating a dream bathroom, to update a home, does not mean it needs to be torn down and rebuilt.

The first step in a bathroom makeover is to completely clear the room of any clutter. Place these items in another area of the home until the bathroom is finished. If these items are not wanted in the makeover design, they can be tossed away or given to a Salvation Army store.

The next step in updating a bathroom is cleaning the current one. Scour the whole room from ceiling to floor. After it is clean, take a good look around. The outdated areas can easily be focused on when the room is empty. Now is the time to start making a list of the things that need to be replaced, starting with the ceiling and working downward from there.

Ceilings in the bathroom should be white. They give the room an airy feel in them. Ceilings that have not been painted in a while should be done before anything else in the room is touched. Semi-gloss makes perfect paint for bathroom ceilings as flat paint doesn’t stick as well in the humidity that bathrooms often have in them.

Bold, bright colors should feeling closed in. Try white or a very light tan color on the walls in smaller bathrooms. If the walls are tiled check to see what type of shape they are in. If only a few tiles are bad those ones can easily be replaced. Tiles that are old and dated should all be replaced. Again, light colors are preferable when choosing tile colors. The same goes for flooring. Linoleum and self stick tiles are easy to install but not quite as durable as stone tiles. If a budget friendly fix is in order, than a sheet of linoleum can be purchased from a home improvement store and is quite inexpensive.

Look over the existing faucets in the bathroom. If they are dull and/or chipped, new ones can be purchased for them. Stainless steel faucets never seem to go out of style. They also mix well with many types of decor themes. If the sink is worn or chipped it can also be replaced. The newer glass bowls are great pieces in any type of bathroom. These bowls can be mounted on pedestals or even on an entire counter if cupboard space is needed.

Shower stalls that have glass doors might also need to be replaced. This is one of the easier ways to update an out of style bathroom. Old bathtubs can also be replaced with newer ones. Tiles that surround a tub give it an updated look that says modern as well as relaxing.