A Look At The Housing Market in Seattle

Craftsman house, Wallingford
Creative Commons License photo credit: brewbooks

Seattle is best known for start up companies that have gone to the top of the charts and for being a community of artists as well as musicians. For many years Seattle has been ahead of it’s time in being diverse and recognizing and celebrating the talents of different peoples and cultures. While this has been a big draw to those wanting to raise a family in such a great place, the actual weather in Seattle, with its constants rains and often dreary skies has been a bit of a deterrent. So let’s examine how has the Seattle real estate market is doing currently?

Well Seattle is on the map to participate in the first nationwide realtors open house. On April 10th and April 11th there will be open houses nationwide and the hundreds of homes on sale in Seattle will be part of this group. This is a push to get sellers interested in what’s out there in Seattle and to make purchases quick. Later this month we?ll be able to draw some conclusions as to whether this massive push to create interest in the real estate market in Seattle was a success, inconsequential or a failure.

It is estimated that there will be sales of close to 15 hundred homes in the month of April. That is better than most markets in the U.S. There has however been a 24% increase in foreclosed homes on the Seattle market. However analysts say that the month of April is truly the bottom for Seattle and there’s only success and continued growth from here. That’s extremely encouraging as many metropolitan areas are still very shaky and few are apt to make such strong predictions.

The increase in traffic to Seattle open houses, even before the nationwide open house push, is as good indication that Seattle’s real estate market is strong and will gain momentum. Many in the Seattle real estate market are encouraging those who want in, to buy now before home prices become out of reach. Yes, Seattle’s real estate market is doing quite well.