Landscaping Makeover Ideas to Update your Home

Government Road
Creative Commons License photo credit: taberandrew

When it comes to your home, first impressions are lasting. That means your landscaping should be a top priority. One of the first things you should do that won’t cost a dime is to prune for weeds. This can give your lawn an instant makeover. No matter how nice your home looks on the inside, if it’s full of dandelions in the lawn, it will detract for the overall impression. It gives off the vibe of a lazy homeowner, whether that is true or not. Take time to do this right and you’ll get needed exercise in the process. You’ll then want to make sure you purchase some beautiful flowers and shrubs that compliment the architecture of your home. Make sure to do a bit of research and find out what type of environment (e.g. shade, sun, etc.) is needed to allow your flora to thrive.

Next you should try to decide what color goes well with the outside of your home. For instance if you have a gray exterior, a dark red or burgundy might be a nice compliment. Try something on a small scale like mulch. There is now mulch in every color and it’s a great way to makeover your lawn without a major investment. Put the mulch around any shrubbery or flower beds you have outside. You should then make sure the lawn is cut. Nothing makes the outside of your home look as manicured as a freshly cut lawn. Take the time to cut the lawn on the diagonal instead of straight lines and it will give your home a professionally manicured look. This technique alone can provide a great makeover to most landscapes. If you have a nice backyard, don’t neglect purchases new lawn furniture while it’s on sale. A makeover should definitely include the furniture on your patio or deck. If you have furniture that is rusted or broken it will be a major turn off.

Lastly don’t forget that another free makeover tip is to simply make sure all the windows on your home are clean and shining. Simply use the water hose to get off dirt and grime and wipe the windows down with paper towels or newspaper that won’t streak. Taking advantage of these few tips can makeover your home with little cost and just a bit of time.