How to Plan Your Vacation Home Selling Strategy

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Diego_3336

Locate a Realtor: If you don’t live in the state of your vacation home, you’ll need to research who might be a good fit for listing your vacation house. If you already have a realtor in your current state, ask him or her for a referral. Your realtor will get a referral percentage and you’ll be able to trust the person you’re working with. Interview the realtor you’ve chosen to make sure you have the goals during the listing of your home.

Determine the Price: With your new realtor, sit down and determine what listing price you’re both comfortable with. You should also be on the same page about when to drop the price of your home if it doesn’t sell after a while. Know the bottom price that you will be able to take in order to sell. Knowing your limits ahead of time will help you decide on what offers you will be abel to look at seriously.

Staging: If your home is furnished, make sure it’s arranged in a non-cluttered way and is most appealing to the eye. Place decorative, fresh flowers for ambiance and if any updates need to be done, complete those before listing the property. Remember that the best odds for selling your home quickly is when it’s staged correctly and updated as much as possible.

Time of Year: If you live in a beach home in Florida or California, people typically house-hunt year around. In places like Colorado or other cooler places, the peak time for house hunting is April and May with sales remaining strong June and July. Families are looking to move when it’s warm and between school terms. Other local factors, such as lay-offs, can be a factor in how quickly you sell you vacation home.

In planning your vacation home selling strategy, remember that it’s important for you and your realtor to agree. Your realtor will have your best interest at heart, so try to listen to her advice and weigh all of your options before making a decision.