Bedroom Makeover Ideas to Update Your Home

Creative Commons License photo credit: jinkazamah

Your bedroom can be and should be your sanctuary. However for many, it’s anything but. Most of us have televisions in our bedroom that we refuse to remove. Many also have a niche in the bedroom for a small writing desk and their computer. In this advanced world of technology these design features may not change. However is your bedroom has become a work room, slash playroom, family room, you might want to think of a doing a makeover. This would not necessarily be to take the needed items out, but to modify the size, scale and locations of some items, to make for a more relaxed environment.

Start with color. there is research that has been done to find that gray is actually one of the easiest colors on the eyes. Color or painting your room is known to be one of the least expensive ways to update your home in general and especially the bedroom. You of course can choose whatever color you like, but having a color that is easy on the eye in the bedroom is always a good idea. You can then add splashes of bold color with accessories. If you have an office area in your bedroom, this is a good place to put in splashes of color. You want to be alert when you’re working on your computer and/or making calls, so having live or fake boldly colored flowers is a great way to make over a corner niche in the room. Also think about sectioning that area off with a neutral colored screen. This will allow you to have a bedroom when it’s time for sleep. There won’t be the visual stimulation when you look at your computer or desk and think about all the tasks that you need to do. This is a great redecorating tip for any room, but especially the bedroom.

Lastly take notice of the lighting in your bedroom. If you have an attached or walk in bath, the light in there should be slightly brighter than in the bedroom. You can buy wonderful decorative light fixtures that can bring your style to the fore front. For instance if you love modern design, purchase modern sconces for your bedroom and use them in a symmetrical design, perhaps on either side of your bed. Make sure you don’t neglect your bed spread and bed skirts and you can makeover one of the most important rooms in your home with a style that’s all your own.