10 Things to Look for on Final Walk Through (when you are buying a house)

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Jeremy Levine Design

If you are in the process of buying a house, you have to be very careful, after-all, this is one of the biggest events in your life. To make sure everything goes smoothly, here are some of the things that can be done. During your last walk through of your future house, make sure you check the following things:

EXTERIOR: Always check the exterior carefully for rotten wood and peeling paint. Make sure there are no hidden holes that are disguised. Check the exterior for rodent holes and termite dust.

ATTIC: Check the attic if accessible for storage and deficiencies.

ELECTRICAL OUTLETS: Make sure all electrical outlets work and that the outside outlets are grounded.

HEAT AND AIR: Make sure the heat and air work properly. Test them, if you have the time.

KITCHEN: The kitchen appliances should all work properly. Make sure there are no leaks under the sink.

BATHROOM: Check the drains and showers in the bathroom. Make sure all the pop-up drains work correctly. Again check for leaks under the sink.

INTERIOR: When you check the interior of the house, lift up rugs and move furniture if you think there is a problem. People like to carefully hide these things. Look for cracks in floors and walls, also any major stains on carpeting. If there is an upstairs make sure the railing is sturdy. Check for drafts around the windows.

LAND: If you have any land, make sure it is not a flood area. If necessary ask the neighbors about the drainage problems.

MOLD: Notice any discolored area near the bathrooms or basements. If basement has been newly painted, get an explanation why.

LEAD PAINT: Make sure you are satisfied with the results of your lead paint investigation, otherwise, this could be a lengthy problem to fix.

After checking out all of the above, you should be very confident your house is in good condition. You can then start thinking about decorating. Good luck!