Should You Consider Moving to San Francisco?

View to the East
Creative Commons License photo credit: ryanmickle

Many left their hearts in San Francisco and others chose to stay. The city, founded in 1776 by Spanish settlers, experienced the Gold Rush in 1848 and near ruination by the 1906 earthquake. Today its population is more than 800,000 people in the city and county of San Francisco.

Life in the “City by the Bay” offers a varied cultural background, from Chinatown to The Haight, from the wealthy neighborhood of Pacific Heights to the Italian district known as North Beach. Each area of the city carries its own unique personality. If you come to San Francisco you?re going to meet some gentle people here. Be prepared to explore the city and find your favorite niches, the elements that make you smile. Whatever you want, is here to captivate you, to charm you, and definitely to interest you.

The natural surroundings of the area are picturesque. Experience the Pacific Ocean; the beaches and the parks provide an enormous variety of possibilities for outdoor ramblings. There are incredible opportunities for hiking, biking, jogging, fishing and sky gazing just to name a few. The famed San Francisco Zoo is a popular site for visitors and residents alike.

If you are a sports enthusiast, there is something for everyone; from spectator events such as professional baseball and football, to family activities like bocce ball, windsurfing and garden strolls. The Bay Area provides unlimited recreation.

San Francisco is a prime destination for those entertained by diverse arts. There are murals, numerous museums and even the poetry of children is appreciated and displayed at side-street kiosks and around Fisherman?s Wharf. The arts community is responsible for one in eleven employment opportunities in the city. There are film festivals, theater groups, and the nation?s oldest performing ballet company.

Life in San Francisco can be a challenge, with the high cost of living, but if you can manage your financial situation and come prepared, you will succeed and probably love it here.