Most Expensive Neighborhoods in San Francisco

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Creative Commons License photo credit: bubzlet

Many people would love to move to the city by the bay where they might see the Golden Gate each morning on their way to work. For some there may be one stumbling block: the cost of housing. For those interested in the more expensive neighborhoods this will never be an issue. So, let us take a look at the five most expensive neighborhoods in San Francisco, California.

The fifth most expensive neighborhood is the Sunset. If you really look, and you are lucky, you may find a place to buy there for a little under $500,000. Chances are, if you buy what you really want you are looking at a price tag over one million dollars. The lower end would buy you a two. Naturally, you can find another house, with a cost of $1,400,000 that offers three bedrooms with 1340 square feet.

The fourth most expensive neighborhood is Haight-Ashbury. Once it was the home to the hippies now it is home to the hippest of the younger crowd. Again, you may find a house for around a half million, if you are very lucky, but you are more looking at a million plus. Recently there was a one bedroom, 729 square foot home listed for $595,000. Then there was a five bedroom, 3141 square feet listed for $2,398,000.

Number three on our list is the Richmond district. Prices go up a bit here. It is unlikely you will find anything for under $900,000. It is good to know, however, that recently there was a three-bedroom, 1750 square feet home listed for just $1,155,000.

Noe Valley places number two on our list. There was a recent listing for a two-bedroom home here at $729,000. Most of the homes go for a million or more.

The most expensive neighborhood in San Francisco is Presidio Heights. You should not enter this neighborhood unless you have the money – do not be shocked to find homes here listed for $4,500,000 more or less. Sure, you can find some cheaper – especially if you have cash!