Updating Your Bedroom before Selling Your Home

When you are putting your house on condo on the market you need to make sure that you understand what you is involved in updating your bedroom before selling your home. Staging the rooms is a vital part of creating a “buyer friendly” environment. You do not want people to come to an open house and be turned off because your rooms are uninviting.
It is all about attracting and maintaining the interest of prospective buyers. They need to be able to appreciate the amount of square footage available and they need to be able to visualize what each room will look like with their furniture, window treatments and paint choices. It is difficult for a prospective home buyer to see the possibilities if the rooms in your home are dusty, dirty and packed to the ceiling with boxes, books, photos and other personal items.
Here are some of the tips the professionals use that will help you update your bedroom and sell your home faster.
Clean your bedroom from top to bottom. Get rid of the clutter, dust and stale odors if you want to impress potential home buyers.
Make sure that there are no personal items in sight such as lingerie, family pictures and shelves filled with books. This will help you present your bedroom as a quiet, calming oasis that a new buyer could easily fall in love with.
Purchase crisp new linens and use these to give your bed a bright, clean appearance. White bedding is best, but other colors can work. New, fluffy pillows will add an extra bit of comfort to the appearance of the room.
Remove old, outdated window treatments and clean your bedroom windows until they sparkle. A colorful sheet that matches your new bedding can be draped so that it frames the window and serves as a temporary window treatment with a neutral style.
The bed needs to be perfectly made before any open house visitors arrive.
Remove any excess furniture so that there is only a bed, dresser and nightstand present. This will make the room appear much larger.
Consider removing the old carpet and replacing it with new carpet or an alternate flooring material such as hardwood or tile.
Paint the walls in a neutral shade such as khaki or sage green.
Add a new light fixture to the ceiling to replace the old one that may have been there for years.
Create a comforting, inviting atmosphere with some fresh flowers and greenery in an attractive vase.
Buy some candles and arrange a few of these on the night stand or dresser.