Tips for Staging a Bedroom When Selling your House

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Creative Commons License photo credit: JAGwired

The bedrooms are a home’s most personal location and when selling it, would have the biggest influence on how perspective buyers would view your house. Here are a few tips when staging the bedroom for the selling market.

Is This The Bedroom?

When selling, each room’s feature must be easily identifiable. In bedrooms, the bed must be the central point of the room. If the initial items you view are the filing cabinet, exercise bicycle, television or computer you will give out the wrong message to the potential buyers. Rearrange the rooms so that the dressing tables, wardrobes, bed, and bedside tables are the primary focal points within the room.

Clear, Tidy and Clean

Clear the floor, even underneath the bed, of all clothing, shoes and all other items such as magazines piles, exercise items, dog bed, and forgotten projects. As with all the home’s rooms, you will be selling space, so you need to maximize it.

Bedlinen that is Fresh

Purchase a set of new, fresh bedlinen, a few new, plump pillows and a beautiful throw. The goal is to make the bed desirable and inviting. Depending on the type of the property, you can seduce buyers with Bygone Elegance, Country Cottage Cosiness, or Euro Hotel Chic. Fresh bedlinen will smell new and appear inviting.

Fresh and Clean

Once you have decluttered, edited, redecorated and rearranged the room, it is time to clean, and clean some more. As with bathrooms, the bedroom is a personal location where you undress. Do not present the bedroom as an untidy place. All washing that is dirty must be put into the washing basket – keep in mind that it smells and will not add anything to the rooms freshness. Clear windows to maximize light. Clean up lamp shades and replace them if they look damaged or tired. Steam clean the carpets and decide if they need replacing.

Pets and Smoke

Make sure to deodorize any pet smells. Also, if you smoked in the room, be sure to clean the walls or anything that has traces of the smell of smoke left behind.