Pros and Cons of Upgrading to a Luxury Bathroom

Creative Commons License photo credit: srbyug

Inevitably as a homeowner you’ll one day want to make an upgrade to your home. Often times in older homes the first thing that gets outdated is the bathroom so it?s no surprise that is one of the most frequently remodeled areas of a home. When remodeling your bathroom it?s important to understand all of the pros and cons of upgrading to a luxury bathroom.
One of the most obvious pros of upgrading to a luxury bathroom is the obvious enjoyment you’ll get from your own extremely nice bathroom. A lot of times it?s important for a homeowner to realize that an upgrade to a home may increase its property value but it?s also got to be something that makes the homeowner happy. Instead of focusing so much time and attention on what the potential homebuyer might want try just doing things to your bathroom that you have always wanted.
Asides from making the home more enjoyable another pro of upgrading to a luxury bathroom is the increase in property value that will be realized from the update. If the bathroom is upgraded properly with luxury materials the bathroom will make a significant increase in the property value of the home. Often times a homeowner can see a 20% increase in the home?s value over 10 years from an upgrade in the bathroom.
While there are many more pros and cons of upgrading to a luxury bathroom one thing that you as a homeowner must consider is the budget. Luxury materials can be expensive and while they do add significant value to your home it?s important to carefully consider the area around your home. If you as a homeowner are looking to upgrade to a luxury bathroom solely for the property value increase its important not to upgrade too much past the norm in your neighborhood. This basically means that if the norm bathroom in the area is title with some granite and a garden tub you may cause your house to be to ?nice? for the area if you install heated tiles, all granite, glass backsplashes and his and her vanities. Essentially you may never realize the total value increase for your bathroom if you don’t carefully consider the surrounding area.
Remember when you go to upgrade your bathroom to carefully consider all of these pros and cons of upgrading to a luxury bathroom.