Tips for Staging a Bathroom When Selling Your House

Shower - view from above
Creative Commons License photo credit: tandemracer

Bathrooms are among the most expensive rooms to remodel so most bargain minded buyers (and what buyer isn?t bargain minded in these financial times?) are looking for a bathroom that?s good to go as is. Here are five tips that will help your bathroom to achieve the desired effect:

Shampoo and disposable razors? Get rid of them. Nothing has a higher ?Ick? factor than evidence of another person?s personal hygiene rituals — unless you?re related to them or dating them. Presumably this is not the case of anyone who?s interested in buying your home. Toss all personal care products. Pack those threadbare towels Aunt Lucy gave you as a wedding present and invest in a few new fluffy ones. Make your bathroom look like an adjunct to a hotel suite.

?? Metal fixtures must shine like silver. Over the years, particularly if you have hard water, scales and grime build up on your showerheads, taps and hoses. Use an old toothbrush to get the gunk off ? and if they?re ungunkable, head over to your favorite home supplies store and invest in new fixtures. Lime-A-Way works magic on calcium deposits.

?? Tile and grout must sparkle. Are your tiles in good condition? Then scrub them down until their surfaces gleam like cloisonn?. If your grout?s in good condition, a little bleach and another old toothbrush will work wonders on any discoloring (make sure to wear gloves.) Home supplies stores also sell special grout pens. If the grout has cracked and fallen out in chunks, it?s worth it to hire a mason to regrout.

?? Scrub away the mold. Nothing is more disgusting than a whiff of mildew, but this is something that a spritz of Febreze won?t fix. Almost every bathroom ? even the most well ventilated ? has mold hiding somewhere. Track it to the source and annihilate it. Is your extractor fan broken? Fix it. Is there a leak under the sink? Time to call the plumber. Damp bathmats, ancient mops, suspicious shower curtains ? dump them all. Air your bathroom thoroughly.

?? Stage your bathroom. A fluffy white robe hanging artfully on the door of the shower. A few scented candles on a bamboo tray. A colorful new rug next to the bathtub. Make your bathroom look like a spa!