Learn the Pros and Cons of Marble Countertops in your Kitchen

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Creative Commons License photo credit: avidtile

Learning the pros and cons of marble countertops in your kitchen is a vital step toward finding what you want for your home. The choice of surfaces for this part of your home is extremely important. It is a high-traffic area that will see a lot of use, so you should be aware of the facts in order to make the most informed decision possible.

Perhaps the main reason for choosing these surfaces is their beauty and elegant appeal. They have a timeless look that is unlike any other surface material, and are often considered a luxury item. Their use in palaces and other beautiful historical structures have solidified their status.

These surfaces can be very expensive compared to other materials. Their rich beauty is quite sought after by many interior designers. The cost can make it difficult to acquire, but many of those who are determined to incorporate it in their home may use it for just one surface, such as an island.

Though they are very expensive, the natural stone can last over a hundred years if cared for properly, making it a good investment. Since the stone is so hard, it can withstand pressure and be affected very little by breaks and cracking. It is also excellent in withstanding heat, making it an obvious choice for this area of the home.

This particular stone is porous, which means that may be susceptible for staining. However, there are sealers available for the stone which may be self-applied or professionally administered. These sealers are crucial for a long-lasting beauty.

Even though the stone itself is able to withstand heat, the sealant used may be damaged by placing your hot pans on it. The color of the stone can even be altered. However, if only the sealer is damaged, it can easily be reapplied to look brand new once again.

The surfaces are created using cultured stone, and its exact color is determined by where it is from. The options available for using this stone in interior design are plentiful. Learning the pros and cons of marble countertops in a kitchen can be very helpful in making your decision and perhaps even increase your home’s overall value.