What’s the right kind of bathroom for me?

Bathroom Remodel
Creative Commons License photo credit: Jeremy Levine Design

There are many things to consider when moving to a new residence; location, price, size, number of rooms, and much more. However some don?t realize that the bathroom is such a key room in a home, so a good amount of thought will help in finding a bathroom that will fit your needs with the right additions if necessary.
The size of the bathroom needed depends greatly on the size of the family who lives in the home. Also, if the family member count is higher, then a home with multiple bathrooms would be a much better decision. As far as the dimensions, there should be enough room for you to move around comfortably. You also need a good amount of space for personal care products for each member of the household. If there is not already ample cabinet or shelving space in the room, make sure there is enough open space for you to install these pieces yourself.
Another very important part in a bathroom is the size of the bathtub, or the option of having a shower as well. All the better would be a bathroom with a tub and a shower separately installed. However many homes come with a bathtub in which you can bathe or shower.
One more important part, more so for females, is the amount of natural and artificial light that is in the bathroom. A good sized window (or two) is great for the natural light to aid in getting ready for work and knowing what you see in the mirror is what you?ll see when you walk out the door. However artificial light can also be helpful if using the right light bulbs. So make sure there are enough light sockets to your liking so that you will have the brightness you desire at any time of day.
Finally, it all comes down to personal choice. But if you keep in mind what your current bathroom looks like and offers, and consider the points mentioned above, you should be able to find a bathroom that will give you much comfort and relaxation.