A look at the Housing market in Santa Clara California

Dutch Colonial Revival House
Creative Commons License photo credit: roarofthefour

Santa Clara is a city very close to what’s considered “Silicon Valley”; or one of the areas in the nation where the tech sector thrives. The headquarters of Intel, NVIDIA and Sun Microsystems are located in Santa Clara. Another famous company headquartered in Santa Clara is McAfee. The city is a major employer of residents in the Bay area. The city has many parks and there is a community recreation center; which is located in what is called Central Park in Santa Clara. The city also has many centers for sports enthusiasts. The headquarters of the San Francisco 49’ers is located here. There’s an Arbor Gazebo and many activities for families and young people. For culture, Santa Clara has a Center for Performing Arts. Santa Clara, boasts good schools as well and the temperature rarely falls below freezing. Many people feel that Santa Clara is a desirable place to live. What is the housing market like in this area so close to Silicon Valley?

Surprisingly, the homes in the area don’t offer much in the way of variety or creative architecture. You will find that many of the homes in Santa Clara are in rows or tracts and don’t vary much when it comes to floor plans. Many of the neighborhoods have a very familiar feel to them, with little variation. There are also lots of homes built on the ranch style as well. However there are some homes that were built during the pre-war area that have a very unique and historical architecture and look. These homes are typically near the downtown area of Santa Clara.

There are currently not even three hundred homes on the market in Santa Clara. This means that it is a seller’s market for the most part. Realtors are noticing that sellers are getting their asking price for homes. The area was not as hard hit as others in California, when the housing bubble burst. The median home price is a bit over a half a million dollars and has remained pretty steady since the second quarter. Unlike many areas across the U.S.; on the whole; Santa Clara’s housing market seems to be very sound.