Living Areas – What Buyers Look For When Shopping for a Home

Christopher Barson Interior Associates Project: Logan Circle Loft
Creative Commons License photo credit: Christopher Barson

When you are trying to sell a home, especially one you currently reside in, it is important that you create a sense of appeal to your prospective buyers. Buyers are looking for very specific things in a home. However, they will also ?pick up? on a lot of things, even subconsciously, about a prospective home. It is your duty to make sure that all the ?feelings? they get about your home are good.

First, make sure the home is not cluttered. Even though you are living in the home, giving it the appearance of being a showcase home and not a lived in one will help make the sale. Make sure that all personal belongings are out of sight before a showing. You want it to look as magazine perfect as possible. You do not want to create a feeling in your buyer that they must ?straighten things up?.

Next, if there are any painting, repairs or anything else that needs to be done get them done. You never want to give off the appearance that the home is a work in progress. While it is true that the new owners will come in and paint and change everything, they do not want to ?feel? that they have too.

Another thing to consider is baking an apple pie about an hour before the buyers arrive. The smell of an apple pie wafting through the living areas will make the home more appealing. This has been tried with different scents, but real apple pie always does the trick.

Finally, make sure everything is accessible and unobstructed. Potential buyers become nervous when they see boxes stacked against a wall. Many relate this not to the fact that you are getting ready to move but that you have something to hide. Feel free to show them everything, including in your cupboards and under your sinks. When you provide enough access they feel secure with the purchase.

Simple tricks like these will help you make the selling of your home a fast and easy process.