Will That New Fence REALLY Up the Value of Your Home?

Picket porch
Creative Commons License photo credit: Living in Monrovia

Generally speaking, money spent on fencing in your property could most likely be used towards more visual appealing projects. To the individual entering the property, a fence is viewed as something that you are using to either keep something in, or to keep something out. Or, in some cases, you are telling folks that you have a pool. In that case, the pool is the ?value-added? and the fence is just legally along for the ride.

Also keep in mind that before any fence project is taken on, you must take into account what your local zoning ordinances tell you. Some will say absolutely not, while others will tell you that a fence is ok, but that you have to do it their way. Meaning that the local zoning board will dictate height, size, and sometimes even porosity. In many cases, they may also inform you as to what materials you can use and even more importantly, what you cannot use. Some local laws forbid simple chain link fencing. Others encourage it.

Another good piece of advice is talking to your neighbors. Let them know what you have in mind, and especially WHY you want a fence. If your underlying goal is to keep them out, then tact becomes ever important. Excuses such as new pets, little children (their?s or yours), are all legitimate excuses. Notice we say excuses and not reasons.

Once you have decided that a fence is what you want, take time to study all the possibilities and ask yourself the important questions. How long to put it up? What is involved with normal maintenance, ie; staining, painting, washing, etc?. Keep in mind, that, in many cases, the preparation time and money for erecting a fence, can conceivably increase the cost of your project. That would include any cement work, excavation, tree trimming or removal, and underground checks for existing wiring, piping, and tree roots.

Many times, the answers to these questions alone will help you decide if fencing, especially fencing used merely for decorative affect, is really worth the effort and expense, considering it adds little, if any, value to your property.