A look at the Housing market in Rockford Illinois

Rockford, IL Creative Commons License photo credit: eertmoed

Rockford, IL is situated in the northern part of the state and has had a somewhat turbulent history. Outside of Chicago, Rockford is the largest city in the entire state. Very few people would rate Rockford that high on the list of populous cities in the state of Illinois. So what does Rockford have to offer? Well if you’re looking for a city to enjoy all four seasons of the year in earnest, Rockford is your place. The winters are cold, summers are warm and spring and fall are usually beautiful and just right when it comes to mild temperatures. There are also many parks in Rockford and it has been call “The Forest City” by some. Elm trees abound and you feel a real sense of nature in certain areas of Rockford. Rockford has undergone a rebirth of sorts, after being listed as a worst city for many years, due to depressed areas and lack of job opportunities. Let’s take a look at the housing market in Rockford. Even though the average listing price is Rockford is around one hundred and thirty thousand dollars; the median home sale price in Rockford, IL is around ninety-five thousand dollars. So while home sellers are not getting the asking price for their homes, their houses are selling. This makes for a mixed review. Is it a sellers market or a buyers market? Or is it somewhere in between? Many local Realtors believe the latter. At the end of this quarter or September, 2010, around nine hundred homes were sold in Rockford. There are around forty open houses being held in the area, but there are also over two thousand foreclosures in Rockford. However, for the second largest city in the entire state of Illinois, that is not a very high number. So again, the housing market in Rockford is mixed. Sellers are getting their homes sold, albeit not at their listing price. In addition buyers are finding the houses they want and are getting a good deal. For both groups the market is currently working in Rockford. Get a great Realtor to help you find or sell your home in Rockford, IL today.