Living off the Grid

Behind the Tree
Creative Commons License photo credit: WTL photos

Living off the grid has become a pursuit of the new adventurers in this day and age. The choice of this lifestyle is reached for a variety of different reasons. These reasons include a desire for self-sufficiency, a commitment to protecting the environment and the desire for solitude. The housing market presents several selections of real estate that include green homes. There are many states that offer a large selection of homes designed to live off the grid. Properties that have been developed for green living trend higher in cost than a traditional home, but the savings and benefits are worth it in the end. When searching for a property that offers the ability to live a self-sufficient life it is important to determine that your requirements are met. Knowledge of solar and wind and hydropower are essential. The land surrounding your property should support a garden and orchard if you plan to sustain yourself from your own labor. Real estate that has an existing orchard and garden as well as a greenhouse will provide a jump-start to your new way of life. A property management company that offers assistance in all areas of real estate can assist you according to your needs. Make sure that company has experience dealing with the sale of environmentally friendly homes; they may be able to help you snag grants or other deals. Selecting an area of solitude to live in should include research into the population of the area as well as future growth. As a homesteader, precaution should be taken to ensure that your private way of life is protected from future growth. Once you have identified if you yearn for the mountains, forest or flat lands you can begin the adventure of a new life. It will be time to search for the real estate that will take you off the grid and into self-sufficiency.