Pets Matter When it Comes to the Housing Market

Molly the cutiest
Creative Commons License photo credit: Per Ola Wiberg ~ Powi

One of the things that you see when people have financial trouble and have to leave their houses is abandoned pets. The people can’t afford to take them along, and they just leave them, turn them loose, or take them to a shelter. There are other options, but many don’t take them. There’s another issue with pets, though, and it comes when people are trying to sell their homes. Not everyone likes pets, and some people are allergic. Anyone who has pets in his or her home is more likely to have trouble selling it. In this market, when things are already so tight, it’s important to consider that.

That doesn’t mean that you should get rid of your pets, though. You can crate them when people are visiting and keep their toys picked up and their food bowls clean. You may also have a friend or relative that can take in your pets for a while, so that you can have a pet-free home when you put it up for sale. Consider finding a way to care for your pet (or have someone else do it) while your house is for sale, so you’ll be able to keep potential buyers happy.

You may not get more for your house, but you may be able to sell it more easily and you may have more people interested in it. You can also have open houses and other events to try to sell your home, as these are more easily done without pets in the home. Ultimately, it’s important that you get your home sold and properly care for your pets, and you can do both with a little bit of planning. Once you get the logistics worked out, you’ll be on your way to selling your home faster and more easily.