Safeguarding a vacant property

Property managers or owners with a temporarily vacant property might be wise to take steps so that it does not appear obviously empty, which in turn can discourage unwanted guests.

MainStreet notes that it is possible to reduce the risk of vandalism and theft with fairly simple steps. They will not eliminate the chance completely, but safety can be improved and cleanliness can be maintained.

Keeping the property in good condition tends to give the impression it is occupied, or at least visited frequently. As a result, people who do not want to be found are less likely to stay there. Since this makes the property more appealing to potential renters, this effort will not be wasted either way.

Put lights on timers will also help deter undesirable guests, helping to make the home look occupied.?Also consider using the blinds. According to the source, one method is to leave bottom blinds closed, so no one can see in, while higher blinds remain open. This may give the impression that the home is occupied, but residents are upstairs.

Beyond that, owners and managers should be careful how much information they make easily accessible through advertising.