Accessibility concerns are part of due diligence

Investors should examine accessibility as part of their due diligence when looking at a property, since federal and local codes may mandate certain standards.

To evaluate an existing building’s accessibility, experts told an accessibility survey or review may be appropriate – one that studies paths of travel, parking spaces, signage, restroom and guestroom design and other features. If a property does not meet legally mandated accessibility requirements, then the owner may be liable.

Rental managers and owners should study local laws and review federal requirements under bills such as the Americans with Disabilities Act, which lay out applicable regulations. notes that accessibility surveys are often separate from reviews focused on a property’s condition or other concerns. Even if accessibility issues are not mandated, the property owner and manager should be aware of how accessible the rental is so that they can communicate any desirable features to prospective tenants.

Learning about potential repairs or adjustments ahead of time can avert compliance issues and give investors a clearer picture of any costs associated with owning a particular property.