One-on-one interview with Real Property Management

Real Property ManagementAll Property Management took the opportunity to speak with one of our customers, Real Property Management. Check out the interview below to learn more about Real Property Management and their property management tips and advice.

APM: For those who don’t know your company, how would you describe Real Property Management?

RPM: Real Property Management is an industry leader when it comes to real estate management with over 25 years of experience and locations across the United States and Canada. Real estate property management has many facets from marketing, operational and financial aspects to tenants and occupancy. Real Property Management is able to handle all areas with professionalism, expertise and reliability.

APM: For owners who have never used a property manager, why should they consider Real Property Management?

RPM: Our team of professionals will enable you to take back your evenings, weekends, holidays and anything else you’ve given up to keep your properties occupied and in optimum condition. We have a keen understanding of operating expenses and budgeting. We ensure you success in operating a profitable business and that your units stay filled with well-screened tenants. In turn, your tenants will appreciate our 24/7 availability for any maintenance or repair issues.

APM: What are the top reasons do-it-yourself landlords turn to a professional property manager?

RPM: Whether you are a landlord by choice or chance, understanding all the laws and rules that you must be compliant with can be daunting enough. When you add to this the telephone calls for maintenance and emergencies or compliance issues cutting into your time continuing to go it alone becomes less attractive. Finding the right partner to assist and ensure your asset is protected becomes more a “must do” than a “maybe I will think about it” decision. For the price of a Starbucks coffee a day, property owners can hire Real Property Management.

APM: What role is technology playing in property management?

RPM: Efficiency and the ability to handle business electronically are no longer a “nice perk” but a necessity of anyone who wishes to optimize their earning potential. In this age of information and services being available immediately; having a professional property management company such as Real Property Management that utilizes cutting edge technology to ensure up to date communications as well as payment receipt should be the greatest priority when deciding who will manage your asset.

APM: Given the financial downturn of 2008, what advice do you have for people thinking about real estate investing in 2014?

RPM: As the economy continues to recover, real estate investing under the right conditions and utilizing the proper professional assistance in deciding which assets to procure; should be as close to a recession-proof move as you can make. Home ownership is becoming less and less favorable to the current generation and all trends show evidence that the turnaround in home sales is driven by investment owners wishing to capitalize on the current status quo.

APM: Looking into your crystal ball, what is the future of professional property management?

RPM: The future continues to be promising for the property management industry as a whole. As investment owners and savvy residents continue to evolve it will be the professional management companies that will continue to thrive and move to the forefront in the years to come.