Top 5 Roommate Disputes

Living with someone else can be difficult at times as there are always going to be disputes that arise. In fact there are five disputes that tend to arise more often than others. By being aware of these potential conflicts you might be able to head them off at the pass.


There are very few people in the world who like doing dishes, especially someone else?s. It?s one of those chores that just creates some animosity so to avoid disputes work out a schedule and try to stick with it.


You?ll be sharing things and you have to accept this and not feel like you?re contributing more. But try to be as respectful of each other?s property at all times.

Paying Bills?

There?s no room for flexibility here, bills are due on time and you have to pay your full share. If there is a problem then this needs to be discussed immediately.


Friends and romantic acquaintances can become a huge problem if someone is having visitors regularly, especially overnight visitors. This is a hard problem to resolve but if you can sit down and discuss it and work out a schedule then do so, it may help. But always remember that your home is your roommate?s home as well.


There are people who live similar lifestyles and schedules but there are always situations that arise where one person is sleeping while another is not. Typically in a respectful situation this isn?t a problem but even taking a shower and going to work early can disturb the sleep of a roommate. These things can?t be helped but should be considered before the living arrangement is established.

The key to all roommate disputes is open communication and discussing the problems before they get out of control.

Kristin Kizer
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