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    Castle Management

       12885 Alcosta Boulevard
        Suite A
       San Ramon, CA 94583

    Types of Properties We Manage:

     -  Multi-Family (20-99 units)
     -  Multi-Family (100+ units)
     -  Retail (10K -100K sqft)
     -  Retail (100K+ sqft)
     -  Office (10K -100K sqft)
     -  Office (100K+ sqft)
     -  Warehouse (Up to 100K sqft)
     -  Warehouse (100K+ sqft)
     -  Manufacturing (Up to 100K sqft)
     -  Manufacturing (100K+ sqft)

    Castle Management
    CASTLE MANAGEMENT has been professionally managing real estate since 1985. Castle Management manages over 57 properties including office buildings, shopping centers, tilt-up warehouses and apartment properties as large as 134 units and as small as a single-family home, throughout Contra Costa, Solano and Alameda counties. Our professional experience ranges from the day-to-day tasks of rent collection, maintenance and bookkeeping to rehabilitating and upgrade of older buildings. Castle Management has vast experience in the areas of negotiation of subcontractor contracts and new project start-up, including hiring of on-site staff.

    Castle Management CASTLE MANAGEMENT understands our role in maximizing the profits of your real estates investment. Services include:

    • Maintenance & Service
    • Tenant Screening
    • Monthly Financial Reports
    • Construction Experience
    • Apartment Leasing & Tenant Relations
    • Computerized Bookkeeping
    • Rent Collections
    • Familiarity with Rental Law
    • Hands-on Management-Frequent Inspections
    CASTLE MANAGEMENT gains many advantages due to the fact that it is associated with Castle Construction Company Inc.
    • Financial stability; Castle has been builting profitable residential projects in in the Bay Area since 1966. Castle Construction Co. has achieved a level of Financial stability that reflects that success.
    • Services: Construction, Renovation & Additions
    • Construction Cost Analysis
    • Subcontractor volume discounts
    • Reputation for high-quality construction and workmanship, established Over 35 years