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    East Hill Property Management

       124 E. State Street
       Media, PA 19063

    Types of Properties We Manage:

     -  HOA (100+ units)
     -  COA (100+ units)
     -  Multi-Family (100+ units)

    East Hill Property Management

    About Us

    East Hill Property Management provides the full range of Association management services to meet your needs-just like everyone else. What makes us different? Why should you hire us?

    Because we will have an honest discussion with you about your community. Every community board wants to keep their monthly fees low, yet maintain a vibrant living place with improved property values. Striking that balance is the challenge of every Executive Board. Advising and guiding the Board is the challenge of every management company.

    East Hill Property Management

    Many communities, in the desire to avoid increasing monthly dues, defer maintenance-how else can you do it-and turn a blind eye to the slow deterioration of their property until they face difficult and expensive repairs which can reach crisis proportions. Their management companies saw it coming, but didn't want to push the issue because of the fear that comes with telling your clients news they didn't want to hear.

    We're not like that. We're going to tell you. We offer you our signature personal touch. You will always have direct contact with an experienced community management professional. We leverage technology so that senior executives always manage your property. We present our clients with sound business plans to manage their homes for both current enjoyment and long-term prosperity. We will help you through the most difficult projects because we've done it all before. If you want that kind of manager to help you run your community.


    • Condo and Homeowner Association Management
    • Large Investor Rental Portfolios
    • Association Board Consulting
    • Onsite Management and Pool Staffing
    • Association and Investor Accounting Services
    • Personalized Management Services

    Additional Services

    • Apartment Management
    • Tenant Screening Services
    • Private Home Management
    • Winter Home Management
    • Commercial Building Management
    • Resort Rentals

    If you want that kind of manager to help you run your community, contact us today!