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    Florida Advanced Properties, Inc.

       12895 SW 132 Street
       Miami, FL 33186

    Types of Properties We Manage:

     -  HOA (2 - 49 units)
     -  HOA (50 - 99 units)
     -  HOA (100+ units)
     -  COA (2 - 49 units)
     -  COA (50 - 99 units)
     -  COA (100+ units)

    Florida Advanced Properties, Inc.
    Visitors' Choice Award

    Florida Advanced Properties is known for offering full service Community Association Property Management. Including financials that include Accounts receivable and Accounts payable, monthly account reconciliations, First and Second Notice of Collections, helping with budget preparation, etc. It also contains walk through inspections, vendor contract negotiations, attendance to all meetings and all other administration work pertaining to your community.

    Florida Advanced Properties, IncTechnology

    The accounting department in Florida Advanced Properties use the latest version of accounting software and the most up to date computer programming and software to help in bettering our services to the communities.

    Customer Service

    Florida Advanced Properties includes a team of highly skilled bilingual customer service representatives who will provide all homeowners and board of directors with immediate service. This customer service department is offered to eliminate the frustration of dealing with a computerized answering service.

    After Office Hours / Emergency Line

    The purpose of this service is to provide all homeowners as well as board members with a direct contact in case of absolute emergency situations. This telephone line is also answered by a live person and not by an answering machine service.