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    High Fidelity Property Management

       333 W. North Ave. #101
       Chicago, IL 60610

    Types of Properties We Manage:

     -  Multi-Family (20-99 units)

    High Fidelity Property Management

    Managing a rental property can lead to a host of responsibilities that a lot of landlords are unprepared for, or simply don't have time to manage effectively. High Fidelity Property Management was created to help simplify life for all types of property owners in Chicago.

    High Fidelity Property Management What makes us different? Our philosophy: We believe that happy tenants equal lower turnover and higher rental rates. We use cutting-edge technology, hold our hand-picked maintenance staff to the highest professional standards, and devote ourselves to uncommon customer service in order to keep landlords and tenants happy.

    Our company can easily take on all of your leasing, accounting, maintenance, and relationship management duties for you. We have a proven track record of decreasing turn-over rates, collecting rent on time, and keeping properties in top physical condition. Our work helps maximize rental rates, ensuring that our clients are achieving the highest and best prices for their properties.

    Our goals are to achieve the highest rental rates possible, fill vacancies quickly and efficiently, thoroughly screen prospective tenants, and protect interests by using the most current, up-to-date and law abiding Chicago lease there is.

    Eliminate stress and minimize risks. HIGH FIDELITY will take on:

    Administration and Accounting

    • Collect monthly rents, fees, deposits, etc. and deposit revenue into owner's account (minus expenses)
    • Manage security deposits as regulated by state and local laws
    • Generate detailed monthly and annual financial statements for owner
    • Ensure that proper leasing documentation, disclosures, notices, and receipts are submitted to tenant and owner as regulated by state and local laws
    • Research local area rental rates and recommend rent increases/decreases

    Tenant Relations

    • Promptly respond to tenant inquiries, maintenance requests, and we provide 24/7 emergency response support
    • Timely renewal process notification to tenants
    • All written and verbal communication regarding lease terms, payments, and rent increases
    • Handle any delinquent or unruly tenant issues:
      • Enforce and collect all late fees
      • Coordinate and deliver all necessary notices pertaining to eviction, notice to quit or termination of lease
      • Coordinate with owner, attorney, and tenants in the case of an eviction or termination of lease


    • Negotiate maintenance and repair rates with all contractors
    • Coordinate with contractors/vendors to address all preventative maintenance issues such as HVAC cleaning, filter changes, lawn servicing, snow removal, or cleaning
    • Manage repair requests by coordinating with contractors/vendors and tenants in a timely and efficient manner
    • Billing and receipt documentation, as well as written and verbal communication with owner for repairs and maintenance


    • Pre- and post-move inspection coordinated with tenant, including photo and written documentation
    • Coordinate and execute property turn-over processes, including cleaning, painting, lock changing, key delivery, and other necessary services

    We're on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help with your tenants' needs. We'll make being a landlord easier than you could imagine!

    Need Help Finding a Tenant?
    We can help you find new renters by providing:

    • Current Market Analysis, pricing recommendations, numerous leasing strategies
    • Cutting-edge marketing and advertising plans
    • Schedule showings and meet prospective tenants at properties
    • Sell features and benefits associated with unit, building and neighborhood
    • Conduct Credit and Criminal background checks, verify employment/income, interview past landlords
    • Quickly deliver neat, easy to read, completed lease application packets with tenant summary to owner
    • Negotiate lease terms, draft lease and execute on behalf of owner