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    Hillcrest Property Management

       55 West 22nd Street
        Suite 310
       Lombard, IL 60148

    Types of Properties We Manage:

     -  HOA (50 - 99 units)
     -  HOA (100+ units)
     -  COA (50 - 99 units)
     -  COA (100+ units)

    Hillcrest Property Management


    To provide our condominium and homeowner association clients with the most comprehensive and personalized administrative, financial and operational management services, by using innovative and responsive planning, in order to maximize current and future values, while at the same time doing it at the lowest practical cost.

    Hillcrest Property Management--


    Hillcrest Property Management will set up a management program that fits your Condominium or Homeowners Association's needs. Below are overviews of the services that are provided by our company. (The lists of our services are not all inclusive.)


    Our accounting system is designed around the needs of the Homeowners Associations and is totally flexible and tailored to your property's needs. We strongly believe we offer the most complete financial statements in the property management industry.


    Reports are included in the monthly Financial Statements to support every number on the Balance Sheet and Income Statement.


    One of the most vital elements of a Property Manager is making regular visits to the property. This allows the manager to identify maintenance needs sooner and continually check on the operating services of the property. Hillcrest Property Management is committed to be on the property a minimum of three times a month.


    The administrative services that Hillcrest Property Management provides goes beyond the normal scope of administrative services and record keeping. Our management software, TOPS 2000 allows us to maintain a history for the property that is accurate and accessible at every Board Meeting.

    Hillcrest's Property Managers are dedicated to achieving 100% customer satisfaction. At Hillcrest Property Management, we believe in training our managers and support staff to be competent in every aspect of property management.

    Let Hillcrest help you manage your association.