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    Maloney Properties

       27 Mica Lance
       Wellesley, MA 02481

    Types of Properties We Manage:

     -  COA (100+ units)
     -  Multi-Family (100+ units)

    Maloney Properties

    Corporate Overview
    Since 1981, Maloney Properties has provided professional fee property management services to housing owners who are committed to the interests and well being of the resident population of their housing. Originally organized by Mark Maloney, the firm is a successful women owned business and is operated by a ten member Board of Directors, all of whom have worked in the industry for at least twenty years.

    Maloney Properties

    As third-party managers we have developed standards that are frequently higher than our non-fee based competitors. Because we must always be a step ahead of our competition we continually strive to find newer, more efficient, more cost-effective methods of operating and to improve our client and customer services. We have repeatedly been asked to provide our operational framework and systems to non-profits and agencies struggling to improve their methods.

    Maloney Properties has a full and extensive professional staff of senior executives and experienced department heads. With diverse talents, backgrounds, skills and experience, the company is able to offer a broad and highly qualified range of services, which fully encompasses the physical, financial and social needs of the properties it manages. We are also able to provide extensive consulting services in all the various disciplines of property management and can provide services on an a la carte basis.

    Mission Statement
    Maloney Properties, Inc. is a property management company with a human focus.

    We succeed by caring about, listening to, and respecting our residents, clients and staff. Furthermore, we succeed by having high standards for the full spectrum of the properties' needs---the physical, financial and social.

    We succeed by sharing our sense of pride in what we do and empowering our communities to improve - helping to create self esteem, and establishing high standards for resident, client and staff satisfaction.

    We succeed because we find creative solutions to difficult problems. We believe all problems have solutions, encouraging us to think beyond the standard boundaries, thereby finding unconventional solutions that work.

    We succeed because we work hard, tackle problems straightforwardly, and are willing to make hard decisions which, in turn, we implement fairly and responsibly.

    As a company we succeed by creating an environment of stability and strength by attracting, retaining and training people to become the finest employees possible. Often this requires an investment of time and energy to develop the right person to become the best employee. We believe those investments greatly enhance the value of the company.

    We succeed because we work with our clients to find solutions that combine their goals with the highest property management standards.

    We succeed by developing corporate strategies that generate strong client bonds.

    We succeed because we continually strive to achieve the highest standards.