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    Sleepwell Property Management

       423 Bronson Ave
       Ottawa, ON K1R 6J5

    Types of Properties We Manage:

     -  Multi-Family (2-4 units)
     -  Multi-Family (5 -19 units)
     -  Multi-Family (20-99 units)
     -  Multi-Family (100+ units)
     -  Office (Up to 9,999 sqft)
     -  Office (10K -100K sqft)

    Sleepwell Property Management

    Sleepwell Property Management Call us today for your free Quote 1-877-521-2004.


    Sleepwell Property Management is a professional residential property management company located in Ottawa. We have more than 10 years experience owning and managing residential properties. Our team of specialists includes professional accountants, financial planners and licensed trades people.


      Rent Collection and Deposits in Trust
      Payment of Invoices, Property Taxes, Utilities, Insurance
      Monthly Reports
      Maintenance of Property Records
      Annual Reports
      Cash Flow Management
      Annual Inspections
      Receive all Tenant Inquiries 7 Days a Week, 24 Hours a Day
      Representation on Rent Review Matters


      Advertise Leasing of Units
      Receive Leasing Inquiries 7 Days a Week, 24 Hours a Day.
      Arrange Showing of Unit
      Ensure Completion of Rental Application
      Tenant Screening
      Prepare Leases
      Collect Last Month's Rent and Post-dated Cheques

    Maintenance and Repairs

    • Maintenance Services
      • Flooring-Hardwood, Ceramic, Carpet and Cushion Floor
      • Plumbing and Heating
      • Painting
      • Electrical
      • Drywall and Plastering
      • General Maintenance and Repairs
    • Janitorial Services
      • Emergency 24-Hour Service
      • Snow Removal
      • Lawn Maintenance

    Sleepwell Property Management