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    Wisconsin Management Company Inc.- Assoc. Madison

       2040 South Park Street
       Madison, WI 53713

    Types of Properties We Manage:

     -  COA (50 - 99 units)
     -  COA (100+ units)

    Wisconsin Management Company Inc.- Assoc. Madison

    Wisconsin Management Company is a leader in the full-service property management industry for Condo Association management. However we are not just your typical property management company. In fact, we just won the 2012 AASCW Property Team of the year award! We embrace innovation, technology, process and efficiency, and these core areas shape how we improve your bottom line.

    We have been helping condo associations maximize the value of their assets, as well as improve owner and tenant relations for many years. We are well respected among real estate management professionals, and our reputation is why we are trusted by many leading lending institutions, city officials, apartment associations and local Chambers of Commerce. Because of our volume of business, our clients enjoy the benefits of our long standing partnerships with quality vendors, and with the size of our service team we are able to respond and fulfill maintenance requests much quicker than others.

    Wisconsin Management

    With Wisconsin Management as your third-party, impartial set of eyes that works with your Condo Association, you have the advantage of keeping things neutral and in accordance with your bylaws, rules and declarations. We've found when you take the “personal” out of the decision making process, a lot of stress can be relieved within the association. This allows for quicker decision making in many cases.

    What makes us different?

    Wisconsin Management’s priority is personal service. Unlike other management companies with seasonal temp employees or multiple points of contact, we assign you a personal Property Manager. All of your questions regarding your condominium, your owners and your cash flow are answered by a single point of contact, which reduces confusion and saves you time. Your Property Manager is accessible, reliable, and accountable to you. This level of service is unique in the industry.

    Wisconsin Management also has a number of other reasons of why it stands out from the crowd, including:

    1. AASCW’s 2012 Property Team of the Year
    2. Vendor/Maintenance discounts – our relationships can help you reduce costs
    3. Attentive budget management
    4. 24-hr emergency on-call service – 365 days/year
    5. Monthly financial reports delivered to you (written in plain English)
    6. Faster response time for maintenance requests
    7. Big company benefits with a friendly, small company personal feel

    The combination of these, and other reasons, is what makes us so effective.

    You will find that we are extremely good at what we do, and our long list of clients proves it. We recognize that every Condominium Association has different needs and we will tailor our services to fit what you need, with a friendly, personalized approach. Our expertise will add value to your investment. Contact us today so we can show you how.