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Laurel, MD, 20707
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D.H.Bader Management Services We believe the purpose of a community association is to protect, preserve and enhance the value of a community's property.

We help accomplish this purpose by working closely with the Board of Directors to provide and employ those services and actions necessary to maintain and enhance the community.

We are dedicated to providing the most professional, reliable, effective, and proactive management services available to community associations.


  • Aid in resolving community association problems and concerns.
    Respond immediately to homeowner telephone calls and correspondence.

  • Attend Board of Directors meetings, special meetings, and annual meetings.

  • Manage Association Funds: collections, allocations, accounting, record keeping, and coordinating the processing of tax forms and annual audits.

  • Administer and advise Board of Directors and homeowners on covenant compliance for issues such as:

    • Covenant Enforcement Sign Problems
    • Assessment delinquencies
    • Parking violations
    • Covenant violations or lack of compliance
    • Home modifications

  • Evaluate and Negotiate contract bids and proposals, administration, and enforcement for:

    • Insurance
    • Trash removal
    • Lawn maintenance
    • Snow removal
    • Parking lot cleaning, repair
    • Sidewalk repair
    • Asphalt repair and resealing
    • Window cleaning
    • Pool Management and Maintenance
    • Elevator maintenance
    • And other services as needed

  • Provide routine inspections to ensure quality conditions of common grounds maintenance.

  • Assist in Architectural Control matters such as:

    • Processing requests
    • Communications with approving authorities
    • Maintain database of Architectural Applications and Violation History

  • Coordinate the distribution of covenant/legal documents to homeowners/condominium owners.

  • Keep Association records.

  • Coordinate the writing and distribution of Association Newsletters.

  • Establish and maintain Association Web site.

D.H. Bader is proud to have been awarded the prestigious AAMC designation from C.A.I.

  • Homeowners Association (100+ units)