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Who We Are

New Age Realty Group, Inc. currently has leasing and/or management responsibilities for several hundred units in the Philadelphia Metropolitan area. New Age Realty employs individuals who are knowledgeable in leasing, sales, collections, bookkeeping, repairs, city code and procedure, administration, tenant/owner relations and contractor supervision. An office is maintained and staffed at 3301 Powelton Avenue to handle all the day to day operations.

New Age Realty Group, Inc. If you own real estate that you need professionally managed, leased, or sold, or if you want to invest in real estate, contact us today; we will be pleased to discuss your particular needs with you!

Leasing & Property Management

Service is the most important aspect in property management - we strive to keep both our Clients and Tenants satisfied. Our knowledgeable staff will insure that your property receives the highest quality of service. We, as a company, have devised an efficient process that will quickly provide you results. Our leasing services begin once we have a vacancy or future vacancy to fill and our Leasing Department steps in.

Advertising is obviously an important element in leasing; the more a vacancy is exposed or displayed to the public, the more calls it generates; the more calls create more potential showings; the more showings lead to a quicker rental. To generate leasing demand, we use a variety of advertising venues: craigslist and other web sites; various rental services free of charge to us; our database integrated website; listings with all the local university off-campus housing departments (electronic and manual); newspaper ads where necessary; and of course a rental sign on the property. In addition, our office is well known and well located which invites a large number of walk-ins.

Once an appointment is made (and often without an appointment) our leasing staff takes over. This staff shows the apartments, helps prospects complete the application, takes deposits, answers questions, prepares lease agreements and does prospect screening. We understand that vacancies are the worst enemy of investment real estate and we do everything possible to eliminate them.

Once an applicant is found, New Age Realty requires them to complete a company application. The application is screened by a service that investigates the financial and housing background of the applicant. This acts as an aid in our tenant selection process (we also check the employers and previous landlords). After we screen the prospects and have approved them, we collect all the required move-in funds, prepare lease agreements and deliver possession of the units to the tenants. Once the tenants are residing in the unit, our Property Management Department takes over.

All of the necessities of property management are provided in a full-service capacity: rent collection, miscellaneous invoicing, paying of tax bills, placing insurance and paying associated insurance premiums, and other required income or expenses related activity. New Age Realty also provides maintenance services and is dedicated to maintaining and increasing property value by increasing the rent roll annually and performing maintenance as needed. We coordinate the necessary repairs and maintenance needs of the property. To assure your asset is protected, we provide a routine inspection of your rental property and discuss our findings with you. The key to our process is organization and documentation. We use a property management and accounting system that enables our staff to oversee income and expenses on a real-time basis. Cash-flow statements are easily accessible and promptly delivered with Owner distributions before the end of the month. The reports describe in detail all of the transactions that took place during the current month.


Ask yourself:

  • Am I spending too much time managing my property?
  • Do I need help leasing my property?
  • Am I not getting top dollar for my rental unit?
  • Have I conformed to all laws and regulations?
  • Do I have a high volume of tenant issues?
If you answered YES to any question, New Age Realty is here to help!

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