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Now having recovered from the floods and hurricanes of the past few years, Baton Rouge's property market is back on the rise. Price growth will continue but not at its recent robust pace.

There’s Heavy Competition in the Baton Rouge Rental Market

Unlike many other cities across the country, Baton Rouge has been in a heavy building mode. Estimates are there are nearly 10,000 new apartment units that have either been built, are currently under construction, or are currently in the planning stages. All of this growth has happened during the last year or so.

These new builds are increasing the inventory, and the Baton Rouge property market already has higher inventory rates than the national average. That translates to lots of competition for landlords and property owners, as vacancy rates in the Baton Route rental market are projected to rise in the coming years.

How a Baton Rouge Property Management Company Can Help

In a very competitive rental market, property owners and landlords should seek out all the help they can get. Here's where property managers and real estate agents can make a difference.

These professionals can work with you step by step to give your units the best chances of getting off the market quickly for a fair price. A Baton Rouge property management company can help you find better ways to showcase your current units, recommend upgrades that can increase the market value, and highlight new marketing channels to attract more tenants.

If you'd like to find a partner who can work with you, consider getting in touch with one of the local Baton Rouge property management companies below and ask for more information today.